They Called Me Melor

The light entered my eyes and finally, I could see the beauty of my surrounding which was so amazing to me. I lift my head and saw the one who carried me, licking me up and making me clean. Around her belly were two others like me, they were grey, brown and black in colour, but when I looked down I stood looking like neither. My legs were weak and were not able to lift the weight of my scrawny body but my heart was big and was pounding with excitement for this new adventure I now seek. 

Days passed and my legs grew strong as I suckled milk from my mother. The others would play with each other leaving me out of their coterie even though I was now stronger.  They stayed away from me as if it did not matter that now I could run with them into a trash can to dig out food and litter. I always found myself more alone day after day as each one of them went away. Where did they go I wondered, they disappeared for some matter? 

I walked on as the sun and moon greeted me, through trees and tunnels that smelled both fresh and rotten. Some days I would cry in the rain as my tummy squeezed me in hunger not knowing what to do for food that could keep me warm under the thunder. 

I walked and walked and saw a wall and suddenly I thought I should climb it, but what was on the other side would be a mystery and my curiosity insisted I do it. My legs took charge and I reached the top but fell unto a soft ground, with lots of round colourful objects, that were soft and elastic. Suddenly as I looked back, I saw another just like me, with white legs and a fluffy tail, welcoming me with a "purr", and behind her came a little girl who ran so fast towards me. She caught me with her hands and ran to her mum screaming "Mama, I want to keep her!". Her mama smiled and said "Oh this one is adorable, so what would you name her? The little girl replied, "She's white as a flower, and smells like the grass, I think MELOR would be beautiful for her."

And from that day, they called me Melor. Food and shelter was mine without a worry with Miko as my furry friend to play with. My loneliness did not follow me, for now, my four larger paws found a home with two-legged people loving me as their own. 

Previously published in English Breakfast with Susan for Port Dickson Politechnic English Language Department's Magazine - October 2018